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Pants, continued

Some less attentive readers have suggested that sweat pants an assecologically sound clothing item because they are most often found without back pockets. As was pointed out in our discussion of pockets, however, this is bad assecology. The looseness that makes sweats so comfortable creates the illusion that the ass is bigger than it is. One might think this is beneficial for those of small ass, but the effect of a sweat pant is not a healthy and muscular one. Fabric moves in a way very much unlike human flesh, so the ass will look floppy and unnatural.

A trend which an assecologist can "get behind," if you will, is low-rise pants. People will automatically read the top of your ass as the waistline of your pants, so high-waisted pants will give the impression that the ass is abnormally large. Don't take this too far, though! Gentlemen, make sure you do not let your pants sag halfway down the ass, as this too creates an undesirable image.
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